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How Free Apps are Killing Your Android Smartphone

Free mobile apps with ads drain your smartphone’s battery faster, cause it to run slower, and use more network data, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found. When compared to apps without ads, the researchers found that apps with ads ...

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How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling

WhatsApp’s voice calling feature is now available to all Android users. The world’s most popular messaging app with over 700 million monthly active users only introduced this feature recently and rolled it out gradually to its Android users. If you ...

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The Best Free Launcher Apps for Android

One of the best things about Android is how easy it is to customise just about every aspect of your device. Nothing shows this quite as well as the very many launchers you can download on Google Play. Launchers are ...

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Star India’s Hotstar App Review

The Hotstar App from Star India lets you watch the latest movies, TV shows and live sports free of charge, and is available on Android and iOS. This sounds excellent on paper, but in practice turns out to a case ...

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