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Foldable MOVEO electric scooter packs up like a carry-on bag

Electric scooters just got cool again. Thanks to the MOVEO, your next ride can fold up like a rollaway luggage bag. You know what that means: No more circling around for tight parking spots, running back to feed the meters, or worrying that some rascal kids will scratch up your precious vehicle. If only we can bring this on a plane so we would never have to wait for taxis at the airport ever again.

For those who hate leaving their car parked in a side street, the MOVEO will let you rest easy while you’re off running your errands. When fully extended, the folding electric scooter features a traditional cushioned seat with back, two wheels, carbon-composite body, left and right side mirrors, and a handlebar. The lightweight vehicle also measures in at approximately 55 pounds, with a top speed of 28 mph and a battery range of 21.75 miles per charge. A little on the heavy side for those looking to lug it around town, but not impossible and probably worth the extra legwork if you care about the well-being of your ride.

Designed by Hungary-based Antro Group, the scooter can fold up in approximately two minutes – making it ideal for urban dwellers who live in walk-up apartments or homes with no garages. According to Gizmag, MOVEO also features “closed design,” meaning users won’t come in touch with the greasy bits when extending and folding the vehicle.

After unveiling the final prototype since initial designs in 2008, Antro Group is currently in talks with potential partners to help bring MOVEO to consumer market. At this moment it is expecting to produce 4,000 units per year with an estimated retail value between $3,100 to $4,600 per scotter. No locked down availability date just yet, but that price tag should entice many city residents who are interested in a cheap vehicle but can’t afford a full-sized car and all the maintenance that comes with. And yes, MOVEO will come in various colors, such as orange, blue, silver, and black so you can cruise in style.